Security and

All together for security!

Safety and compliance of our operations is a priority. Our continuous training program is there to ensure that each member of our team understands and complies with laws and regulations, Keeping our people, our partners and our equipment safe is essential.

Training program offered to our professional drivers :

  • Handling and cargo securement
  • 2 and 3-axel load and size regulations
  • Economical and safety-conscious driving
  • hazardous material transportation
  • Customs and security at the borders
  • Rules regarding hours of service
  • Pre-trip mechanical and C-TPAT inspections
  • Internal policies and procedures

We adhere to the actions and principles of various programs such as border security:

C-TPAT program:
Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
FAST Express program:
Quick and safe clearance of shipments
PIP program:
Partner in protection
CSA program:
Customs Self Assessment
ACE & ACI program:
Crossing Canadian and American Customs by electronic manifests
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